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Group Overview

Richland Resources Ltd, incorporated in Bermuda (formerly TanzaniteOne Limited) is listed on the AIM market in London, and specialises in the mining of coloured gemstones.

The company is building a portfolio of producing gemstone assets and has recently acquired a sapphire redevelopment project in Queensland, Australia that is due to begin production during 2014.  It is the intention of Richland to create a significant hub for certificated sapphire in Australia and provide buyers with a consistent source of material.

Richland’s team developed the world’s largest and most scientifically advanced tanzanite mine located in Northern Tanzania. Richland has additional interests in African tsavorite deposits, plus an option over a sapphire prospect in Australia.

Tsavorite is a brilliant green gemstone, with a similar geology to Tanzanite, yet enjoying a current price per carat of approximately three times that of tanzanite. Eternally desirable and popular, Australian sapphires have long been known for their intense and varied hues.

Across the group Richland conducts outside buying, operates beneficiation facilities, manages t grading and certification and markets both rough and polished gemstones.

Richland is proud of its world class mining methods, provides an ethical route to market and adheres to the Tucson Tanzanite Protocol.

Richland Group will continue to explore and capitalise on the numerous available opportunities for growth in the world coloured gemstone market.

Richland was incorporated in 2004, and in August of the same year listed on the AIM as RLD, following the acquisition of tanzanite assets in Tanzania.

Objective To be the world’s leading premium coloured gemstone mining company.
Strategy Continued exploration, expansion and improvement of Richland Resources available skills, resource base and market positioning of Premium Coloured Gemstone Strategy (PCG).