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Online Retail Operations

GEMSTONES_stones1 (1)Launch of is our ecommerce retail platform, that allows online customers the opportunity to buy responsibly sourced, natural coloured gemstones. The online sales platform was launched in May 2015 – with our pre-existing and operating portal migrating to the site at that time.

Drawing on the success of our dedicated tanzanite eCommerce website, the new platform has been designed to host a number of different gemstone brands.

Tanzanite shall continue to be sourced using Richland’s existing expertise, extensive gemstone knowledge and relationships with miners and field based experts .

Australian Sapphire

Blue Australian Sapphire

A sapphire range is currently in development, and is sourced from the Capricorn Sapphire mine in Australia. The range features not only classic blue sapphires, but also natural yellow and green coloured sapphires. Capricorn Sapphire gemstones will be products of a full mine to market route – guaranteed by Richland, with stones being shipped with full certification of source.

As a host site for an evolving suite of gemstone products, will be able to guarantee the provenance, quality and authenticity of all the gemstones on the website – and customers can be assured of peace of mind about not only the quality but responsible sourcing ,  something which is increasingly important globally to educated and socially conscious consumers.

Richland Resources Shareholder discounts are available for products from the online store – please email to learn more. 

Yellow, blue and green sapphires from Capricorn.

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