corporate social responsibility

Richland Resources Ltd (“Richland”) is committed to operating as a profitable business, responsible employer, considerate neighbour and exemplary corporate citizen.

Richland is committed to supporting the local communities in areas where it operates through the activities of its subsidiary companies.

(Left )Masai Children at Richland Resources funded school in a village near the TanzaniteOne mine site, Merelani, Tanzania.

TanzaniteOne Mining Limited (a fully owned subsidiary of Richland Resources) has been one of the largest mining contributors to the Tanzanian tax base and has invested over $100million through the mine acquisition, mine development and the Company's ongoing mining activities over the last 8 years. The Company has already contributed in excess of $23.4million to the United Republic of Tanzania though corporate taxes, royalties and payroll related taxes.

Recently, in 2012, Richland initiated several new initiatives and continued to support all it’s long-term community projects. New and existing projects undertaken to date include:


  • The establishment of a well in Merilani district Tanzania, where fresh water from TanzaniteOne is being pumped daily into the local community. A reverse osmosis plant ensures that the water is free from excess fluoride, which damages bone and tooth formation at a young age.
    Nearly 5000 heads of cattle and 2000 villagers have access to this water supply.
  • Granting of an additional ten bursaries in 2010 to secondary school students from disadvantaged backgrounds within the Simanjiro District.
  • Provided HIV/AIDS awareness workshops in 2010 to all its employees and voluntary testing was also conducted. TanzaniteOne is currently expanding this service in conjunction with the District Health Office to provide awareness to the local community.
  • Continuing to maintain the 14km road that links the Merelani village and Tanzanite mining area to the Arusha and Moshi road network.
  • The ongoing provision of water to over 2,000 villagers and 4,500 head of cattle on a daily basis.
  • Ongoing donation of processing plant tailings to the local communities, which also serves as a community uplift project. The tailings contain tanzanite that is uneconomical for TanzaniteOne to extract.
  • Construction of the Nasinyai Secondary School in partnership with the Nasinyai community and World Vision. The Secondary School is the largest and most advanced of its kind in the area.
  • Construction of a 400m2 Community Centre for the residents of the Nasinyai.
  • Renovation of the Nasinyai Med-Clinic Dispensary and installation of electricity.
  • Expansion of the Nasinyai Primary School.
  • Ongoing geological, mining, survey, safety, logistical, operational and other guidance to small-scale tanzanite miners in the area through our Small Miners Assistance Programme (SMAP). The aim of the programme is to develop and advance the entire tanzanite mining industry.
  • Provision of employment opportunities, not only to the local Naisinyai Village, but the entire region surrounding TanzaniteOne Mining in Tanzania.
  • Supply of bunk beds and mattresses to 180 pupils at the Nasinyai Secondary School boarding school.
  • Ongoing provision of water to the primary school for their daily needs.


In addition to these projects the Company has also set up several other initiatives to broaden assistance within Simanjiro District. Through establishment of a Committee involving TanzaniteOne Mining, Nasinyai village council and Merelani town council, the Company is working to broaden the scope of our community support. The Company has also contributed to other national projects in Tanzania, like the proposed Students’ Centre for the University of Dar es Salaam.


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